Managed PBX Sangoma S300


Sangoma S300 for Turn-Key Custom Builds


Sangoma s300 IP phone

Sangoma s300 entry-level IP phone supports 2 SIP accounts and features a backlit LCD display, full-duplex speakerphone, dual Ethernet ports, 5-way conference calls, HD voice quality, built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN) capability and more. Designed to work with FreePBX and PBXact, Sangoma IP phones are so smart you can quickly and easily set up and use right out of the box.

Sangoma s300 IP phone can automatically locate FreePBX / PBXact to quickly and easily get full configuration right out of the box – true Zero Touch Configuration. When using a Sangoma phone, EndPoint Manager software inside FreePBX / PBXact is automatically enabled. This lets your users control global settings, program their phone keys, map extensions, upload images, download new firmware, and much more. Users can now control complicated features directly from their phones. There’s no need to remember feature codes

Sangoma s300 VoIP phone highlights

  • 2x SIP Accounts
  • Full Duplex speakerphone
  • 132×48 pixels backlit LCD display
  • 5-way conferencing
  • Dual Ethernet ports (2x 10/100)
  • Built-in VPN capability
  • 6x features keys (headset, speaker, hold, mute, transfer and conference)
  • 4x context-sensitive soft keys
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Market leading security measures
  • Wall mountable

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7.63 x 8.04 x 4.15 in


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